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Lifestyle products are not the ones that are overpriced; they are the ones that work! Think of a Tee; it’s simple to wear, to wash, and to take care of.

Why do you not need an iPhone case? Why you should buy from CaseDodo!

According to Gottabemobile, there are five reasons you do not need an iPhone case. 1. Cases add bulk and weight. (Sure they do) 2. Cases aren’t accessory friendly. (Might be

The all new Dodo Invisible Shield is here. We’re calling it Invisible Shield 2.

Invisible Shield 2: Stronger, lighter, smoother.   Edge to Edge screen protector for iPhone.   What’s new? Complete Glass Construction: High tensile glass which holds up the screen better than

11 reasons to buy a Super-Thin case for iPhone

We are not here to just note down the features of our cases. We are not here to induce you to buy cases from CaseDodo. The only purpose is to

Should You Use Your IPhone With Or Without A Case ?

We recently discovered a big issue over Quora, a leading Q&A platform worldwide. It said, “I am always confused as to what to do. Should I use my iPhone 6

Product update : A GOOD QUOTE, EVERYDAY

The Good-Quote Store is our new online store that features motivational phone cases and posters. It all started with when I came across what William Hazlitt said, “the more we

Why should you ditch every other case for a CaseDodo?

Short story – There was a guy who started using iPhone and couldn’t use any other phone, ever again. Why did that happen huh? Maybe because it worked. iPhone worked.

Here is what’s happening at the beginning of 2017.

  Here is what’s happening at the beginning of 2017. 1. New packaging: This is cool. So we added a tray, a jacket, an application guide, a care guide, and